Reducing plastic waste

by Caroline (viewed 3375 times)


Bubbly Funk produce own brand products, and we are committed to reducing plastic waste within our own brand.

We cannot control the amount of plastic waste in which craft items are packaged from other manufacturers, but we can control our own.  Therefore, every Bubbly Funk original stencil, original greyboard and original stamp will be packaged in paper bags/envelopes.  Something which can be recycled.

This is quite innovative for the craft industry, where everything is packaged in thin plastic bags which are invariably thrown away.

So please support our cause and buy Bubbly Funk!!  We are just at the start of our 'own brand' journey - first release of 6x6 stencils on 1st November 2018 - and we would love to take you with us.  Let's enjoy the ride, and help reduce plastic waste too!


Caroline x


This article was published on Monday 29 October, 2018.
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